Cinelli Enzo Sacchi

Cinelli Enzo Sacchi stem

Stems:Cinelli Enzo Sacchi
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Cinelli Enzo Sacchi stem

Type: Chromed steel sloping track stem named after the 1952 Olympic 1000-metre time trial gold medallist, Enzo Sacchi. Sacchi was also the 1951 and 1952 amateur sprint world champion, and won silver and bronze medals in the same discipline as a pro.

Extra info: Track sprinters used steel stems and handlebars long after other competitive cyclists switched to aluminium alloy bars and stems. Steel didn’t flex like early aluminium alloys did, so sprinters who want instant acceleration preferred the feel and force transfer they got with steel. Some sprinters, especially taller ones like Sacchi, used sloping stems so they could get really low on their bikes when riding flat-out.

This brand new Cinelli Enzo Sacchi stems is a beautiful and rare example of a sloping steel track sprint stem.
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