Hetchins Super Special 1948 Road Frame

Image of Hetchins Super Special 1948 Road Frame

Hetchins was a British bike brand with distinctive curly chain and seat stays,
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Hetchins Super Special 1948

Hetchins was a British bike brand with distinctive curly chain and seat stays, a design tweak made during the early days of time trial racing. The tweak was a response to the sport’s governing body, the Road Time Trials Council (RTTC) ruling that competitors in their events couldn’t show the brand name of their bikes anywhere on the frame.

At the time this rule was made, many British bike manufacturers sponsored good racers by ‘loaning’ bikes to them. Suddenly, being unable to have their brand name on show this practice became a poor form of advertising. Some manufacturers pulled out of sponsorship, but the more adaptable got around the rule by giving their frames a distinctive look. This gave rise to the steep angles and short fork rake of the Carlton Flyer, the curious looking ‘Flying Gate’ frame created by the Baines brothers, and the curly shaped seat and chain-stays created Hetchins.

This frame is a fine example of one of ‘Harry’ (his real first name was Hyman) Hetchins’ greatest creations; a Super Special, a model made between 1944 and 1951. This one was made in 1948 from Reynolds tubing and Chater Lea lugs cut to a Hetchins design.

Size: 23 inches (60.5cm) measured from centre of bottom bracket to top of seat lug.

Condition: Resprayed and good

Price: £1,494 (Call at the shop or ‘contact us’ for cost of delivery)    

Image of Hetchins 2 road frames

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