Signed Bremen Six-Day jersey

Bremen Six-Day jersey, sponsored by Helweg  and signed by Sir Bradley Wiggins.

Signed by Sir Bradley Wiggins and Rob Hayles
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Bremen Six-Day jersey, sponsored by Helweg Centrum  and signed by Sir Bradley Wiggins and Rob Hayles.

Six-day racing was huge in Europe until the 1980s, when it began to decline. Six-day races are held in winter, and many top road racers did one or two six-days because they were paid well to ride them. But as road racing teams grew richer, they were less keen on letting their stars race in six-days, and that led to a decline in the six-days because there were fewer big names from road racing to attract spectators. The number of six-day races fell as a result, but those that survived have experienced a resurgence of interest lately. Bremen is one of them.

One hundred and twenty-seven thousand people paid to watch the 2015 Bremen Six-Day, which is another with vast local business support. Sponsors include Bremen-based Helweg Centrum, a massive discount centre; and Nordwest Ticket, the Bremen version of Ticketmaster.

The jersey worn by riders in the Ghent and Bremen six-days are made by the Belgian sports clothing company Nicosport. It was started by an ex-racer, Nico Laplage, and is run today by his son, Lorenzo Laplage, who used to be a very good six-day racer.   

Size: 18inches (45.5cm) measured across the front, armpit to armpit- 36 inches (91cm) 

Price: £200 including free mainland UK delivery.