Radl Bauer Munich Six-Day jersey

Radl Bauer Munich Six-Day Jersey

Radl Bauer Munich Six-Day Jersey
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Radl Bauer Munich Six-Day jersey

The first European six-day race was held in Toulouse in 1906, but it was abandoned after three days due to lack of interest. It took a while for six-day races to take hold, but when they did they really took hold in Germany, which is still the heartland of this part of cycling.

The Munich Six-Day is one of the oldest, and it’s a great example of what six-day racing is about, because this branch of cycling is pure entertainment. The Munich race has a funfair outside, and restaurants and a night club inside its stadium, which is packed in what is a week-long party.

Munich jerseys include a yellow one for the race leader, and a version of the rainbow jersey for teams in which one or both members are reigning world champions. There is a nod to a rider’s nation in some of the jerseys, from the obvious copy of the Italian national champion’s jersey, to the less obvious white with a red chest-band for Austria. Other designs are more obscure, as are some of the team sponsors, such as Stadler, the biggest two-wheeled transport centre in Germany.

Size: 18inches (45.5cm) measured across the front, armpit to armpit- 36 inches (91cm) 

Price: £75 including free mainland UK delivery.

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