Signed Ghent Six-Day Jersey

Ghent Six-Day Jersey, signed by Alex Rasmussen and Michael Morkov
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Ghent Six-Day Jerseys, signed by Alex Rasmussen and Michael Morkov

The first Ghent Six-Day was held in 1922, but although all the other six-days in Belgium have gone, Ghent not only exists, it thrives today. It’s called the working-man’s six-day, which to be fair they all are now. Some of the French six-days, Paris and Grenoble, were a wider experience, where bike fans enjoyed the racing while sophisticates enjoyed fine dining in track-centre restaurants. But they have gone, today’s six-days are mostly noisy garish spectacles, with hot dogs burgers and beer, lots of beer, for refreshment.

The Ghent Six-Day, known now as the Zesdaagse van Vlaandren-Gent, which means the Flanders Six-Day of Ghent, is supported by many of the same sponsors each year, and many of them are quite local. With this UCI track world champion's rainbow jersey example, worn in the 2009 Ghent Six-day by the Madison world champions' Michael Morkov and Alex Rasmussen of Denmark, who both signed it, the sponsor Callant was an insurance company based in East Flanders. Morkov and Rasmussen also won teh Ghent Six that year.

Sir Bradley Wiggins won the Ghent Six twice, and if he hadn’t been so good at many other branches of cycling Wiggins could have dominated six-day racing. Ghent was special to Wiggins because he was born there. His father, Gary Wiggins was a six-day racer in the 1970s and 80s, was Australian but was based in Ghent. Wiggins’s partner when he won the first time, Matthew Gilmore also has an Australian former six-day racing father, and Matthew was also born in Ghent.  

Size: 18inches (45.5cm) measured across the front, armpit to armpit- 36 inches (91cm)  

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