Raleigh 753 custom-built track bike

Image of Raleigh 753 custom-built track bike

Raleigh 753 custom-built track bike with many rare parts
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Raleigh 753 custom-built track bike with many rare parts

A unique Ilkeston-built Raleigh 753 track bike designed by the head of Raleigh’s Special Bicycle Development Unit, the legendary SBDU where the bikes for the TI Raleigh team were built, and supplied to Ken Cowdell, who won five BRaleigh Grass Cowdell BB 300ritish grass track titles on this bike.

It is suitable for grass and hard tracks, but currently fitted with Clement Griffo 61 grass track tubular tyres. The chainset and pedals are Campagnolo Super Record, so the bottom bracket and pedal axles are made from titanium, the cranks are 165mm and the bike comes with a range of compatible chainrings going from 43 to 53 teeth. Toe clips are Super Record aluminium with Alfredo Binda laminated leather straps.

Handlebars are Cinelli 64/40 with a 10cm 1A oval engraved stem, and finished with Bike Ribbon Original bar tape and Reg screw-in end plugs. The seat pillar is 26.8 mm Campagnolo Super Record and is fitted with a light and very rare Cinelli wishbone magnesium framed saddle.

Raleigh Grass Cowdell Front 300The wheels are Campagnolo Piste small flange 28-hole hubs built onto Magic GP4 anodised sprint rims. A Campagnolo 16-tooth alloy fixed sprocket is driven by an ultra-light and very rare Regina titanium 3/32x½ chain. Additional spare links are included in the price.

The fork crown is an investment-cast Cinelli, drilled to take a piccolo brake so the bike can also be used on the road for time trials and hill climbs.

Offered in superb condition.

Price: £1900

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